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here's a smidge of how we do it

optimise your
target your
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{search engine optimisation}

enough of the geeky speak ... SEO is Search Engine Optimisation - which basically means 'get found on google'.

now we've got that outta the way - let's talk about how we dominate google for your business.

while we sure can simplify the geek speak... the fact remains that getting your biz found in google is a scientific process that we revel in - yup we're 'those' kinda geeks.

with a range of tips, tricks & tactics we carry out a full assessment of your business, website and marketing efforts as well as snoop on your competitors to see what they're up to.

then we up the game so we're doing more, better than your competitors - simple huh?

we make google love the shit outta your website

+ search queries every second
+ google searches per day
+ searches on google per year

yup - these are real figures - we're not shitting you.

here's a teensy taste of some first page google results for some of our clients...

is your business getting found?
'cause our clients sure are

[ just a little brag there ]

down to the nitty gritty ....
what's it cost?

getting started plan

$570 / month

stepping it up plan

$970 / month

now we're talking plan

$1470 / month

keyword research - 10 keywords

competitor analysis - 2 competitors

google analytics setup

website optimisation

off-site optimisation - minimal

local citations - up to 5 per month

monthly reporting

keyword research - 20 keywords

competitor analysis - 3 competitors

google analytics setup

website optimisation

off-site optimisation - medium

local citations - up to 10 per month

monthly reporting

keyword research - 30 keywords

competitor analysis - 6 competitors

google analytics setup

website optimisation

off-site optimisation -

local citations - up to 20 per month

monthly reporting

but wtf
does it all

keyword research

finding what people search for in google. we look at the words people are using when searching for your products or services

website optimisation

making sure your website is running at it's absolute best.  along with checking all your settings and geeky stuff, we use your keywords and make sure they're used throughout your website to help you get found.

analytics setup

checking your website's progress as we go. 

we hook your website up to google so we can see all the stats and techie goings on, where people are coming from, words they use to search on google and how people are finding your website.

target customers across multiple cities

let's go past your own city.

we don't have to only target your local area - we can go much further around the state...  country ...  world ...mwahh-hahah - hmmm soz - got a bit carried away with world domination there 😉

off-site optimisation

in a nutshell, we're finding where your biz is being talked about and making sure it's accurate.


local citations

finding more places to talk about your biz.

we find websites that we're able to add your biz details to get a bit of lovin back from them ... google loves this stuff!

monthly reporting

this is where we let you know what's been happening with your website and how it's improving.

we let you know what's working, what needs improving and what new areas we think should be looked at for further domination.

want all the best business
tips, tools & tutorials?

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